Protecting Pig Herds from African Swine Fever, Scott Dee – Pipestone Veterinary Services interview by The Pig Site

Scott Dee, Director of Research at Pipestone Veterinary Services - Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, San FranciscoIn this interview on The Pig Site, Scott Dee, Director of Research at Pipestone Veterinary Services shares his insights on investigating the survival of viral pathogens in animal feed ingredients, and how the spread of African Swine Fever can be prevented. He’ll elaborate on this when he speaks at the upcoming Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco.

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Scott says: “We’ve developed a programme called Responsible Imports, which is a science-based way to introduce products from high-risk countries, specifically vitamins, minerals and amino acids from China. It’s a feed quarantine programme which allows us to store the products in isolation for a period of time before then allowing them into US feed mills and onto pig farms.

“The virus doesn’t survive forever so time is on our side here. If we can hold these products in a stable, warm environment that encourages the decay of the virus, for the required amount of time, we can ensure the products leave virus-free.”

Scott is among 50 expert speakers at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco on Monday March 16. His standalone presentation on ‘A New Angle for Preventing the Spread of African Swine Fever: Targeting Contaminated Feed with Additive Innovation will be a must-see for many of our delegates.

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