Disruptive innovators in the spotlight at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in Amsterdam, October 1-2

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit has announced 15 international technology start-ups among its stellar speaking faculty this October 1-2 in Amsterdam.

Presenting definitive market insights, fresh new technologies and dynamic partnership opportunities in animal health, nutrition and precision farming, the summit will connect 300+ international leaders, technology developers and investors in livestock production, aquaculture, animal health and feed innovation.

Startups at Animal AgTech Europe in Amsterdam

Acclaimed start-ups set to join the summit’s key panel discussions include:

  • Bethany Deshpande, CEO of SomaDetect (USA) sharing her viewpoint on smart integrated farming
  • Bryton Shang, Founder and CEO, AquaByte (Norway) discussing digital applications and alternative feeds for sustainable aquaculture
  • Ian Wheal, CEO of Breedr (UK) presenting insights into digitisation and data for traceability
  • Jochem Bossenbroek, CEO, Bunyavax (The Netherlands), Erwin Blomsma, CEO & Co-Founder of ViroVet (Belgium) and Joy Drach, CEO of Advanced Animal Diagnostics (USA) analysing vaccines, early diagnostics and innovative treatment solutions
  • Mike Seely, CEO of Ascus BioSciences (USA) sharing the latest thinking on the microbiome and precision nutrition

Eight early-stage start-ups will seek to attract investment and partnership opportunities through the Technology Showcase pitching sessions:

  • HECTARE (UK) agri-tech platforms are underpinned by its multi commodity, currency and country blockchain trading API which uniquely links into farming software and databases to provide real-time insight into the supply chain. Through its brands ‘SellMyLivestock’, ‘Graindex’, ‘FarmPay’ and ‘HectData’, it provides independent insights to drive better decisions.
  • MOONSYST (HUNGARY) is a smart monitoring system for progressive dairy and beef farmers. It collects different parameters of the livestock, helping farmers with real-time data to enable better and earlier detection of various illnesses and more efficient use of medications, improving animal welfare and prolonging animal life expectancy.
  • PROTEON PHARMACEUTICALS (POLAND) uses precision biology for microbiome protection to improve animal and human health, increasing environmental sustainability and eliminating the unnecessary use of antibiotics.
  • RESILIENT BIOTICS (USA) has developed a next-generation discovery platform to identify and validate microbiome-derived, live biotherapeutics for animal health applications. Its lead product is a proprietary live strain mix for prevention of bovine respiratory disease.
  • SELEGGT (GERMANY) is developing the research on endocrinological gender identification in the hatching egg to create solutions that can rapidly analyse a large number of eggs, so male chicks will no longer need to be killed. The first eggs with the added value of “No Chick Culling” are already being sold in supermarkets in the Berlin region.
  • STRING BIO (INDIA) is revolutionising how waste flows through our ecosystem. Its innovative solution leverages methane to create valuable chemical monomers and single cell proteins. Single cell proteins extracted from microbes can be used as sustainable animal feed.
  • SWINETECH (USA)’s intelligent ‘SmartGuard’ device uses voice recognition to provide aid to piglets in distress, and sensors to control each microclimate and track the health and wellbeing of each sow and her piglets. SwineTech enables customers to substantially improve labour and process inefficiencies, resulting in an exceptional quality of life for the pigs in their care.
  • TERRA NUTRITECH (IRELAND) is a leader in precision automated supplementation systems that improve accuracy and monitor animal nutrition. Its award-winning technology means animals can receive their optimal daily dose of any liquid supplement, leading to healthier stock and better returns with less labour for both the farmer and the supplier.

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit audience already reads like a wish-list of potential partners, from major global corporates to VC investors and accelerators, including Allflex (an Antelliq company), Anterra Capital, Arla, Benchmark, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bunge, Calysta, Cargill, Cultivian Sandbox, DuPont, Evonik, Perdue, Rabobank, Sainsbury’s, TechAccel, Temasek, Wheatsheaf and Zoetis.

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