Steve Meller, CEO at CH4 Global (Gold partner of the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit) shares in a new article for Feedstuffs that Congress must pass the Innovative FEED ACT and empower farmers to adopt cutting-edge solutions for methane emissions like seaweed-based feed additives.

Forget CO2. The most urgent and impactful climate challenge we face today is cutting methane, a greenhouse gas over 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide in the near-term. And the chief culprit, according to the EPA’s latest data? Agriculture, with cattle burps and manure responsible for a whopping 36 percent of total U.S. methane emissions – a bigger share than oil and gas.

Steve Meller - CH4 Global - Animal AgTech Innovation Summit
Steve Meller, CEO, CH4 GLOBAL

Nature has provided a powerful remedy to livestock methane emissions, one that’s been hiding in plain sight all along: a specific species of seaweed called Asparagopsis. My company, CH4 Global, has spent five years developing an Asparagopsis-based feed additive that can slash methane emissions from beef and dairy cattle by up to 90%. By harnessing the natural compounds in this unassuming aquatic plant, we can transform the methane footprint of the beef and dairy industries virtually overnight. It’s already being scaled up abroad and supplied to commercial customers, but we need Congress to act swiftly to unleash its potential here in the United States.

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