Advancing Precision Livestock Farming Insights

We are exploring the need for data aggregation and technology integration to deliver real value for farmers through enhanced decision-making tools. Adisseo, AGL Technology, Iyotah Solutions and Precision Livestock Technologies share their perspectives on this topic. 

Guy Harari, Senior Global Director, ADISSEO, USA: “The livestock industry is solidifying the use of real-time data to substitute obsolete systems that can no longer keep up with the speed at which digital solutions are technologically evolving. In this sense, state-of-the-art computational tools such artificial intelligence, self-learning algorithms, virtual and augmented reality are assuming a dominant position regarding the structuration of feeding models, data-driven production management and non-invasive health monitoring systems for poultry, swine, dairy and aquaculture.

Collectively, these tools give rise to a comprehensive set of information, large volumes of data, about the real-time behavior of animals, thereby taking the performance to an unprecedent level. However, it is necessary to combine animal production expertise to exploit all the data and information being collected. The information is as useful as it can be used.

Precision livestock farming and real-time models are increasingly being adopted by the livestock industry. Hardware, sensors, stations, and feed monitoring are only some of the sources that, in turn, generate large data volumes. In this context, interoperability turns out to be a mechanism that will play a key role in the integration of all information to give rise to enhanced decision-making tools.

Data aggregators are currently paving the way to connect the producers to the other ramifications of the supply chain concerned, as well as promoting loyalty and generating additional customer engagement, which is essential to power the cycle of new users and more data. Transparency and trust are key value of such ecosystems.”

Marcel Sarzen, Founder & CEO, AGL TECHNOLOGY, USA: “Video and sound coupled with artificial intelligence technologies have tremendous opportunity to impact livestock, dairy and poultry production. Cameras and microphones will become the Swiss-army knives of sensors when coupled with AI. These sensor and AI solutions provide 24x7x365 expert eyes and ears in a production environment. Capabilities to be unlocked include early detection of operational deviations, early disease detection, animal behavioral patterns and anomalies, production optimization, objective animal welfare assurance, decreased frequency of farm visits with increased visibility and much more. This is the future!

Data standardization has been successfully handled by numerous industries such as utilities, medical and fintech who designated a data standards industry committee that was cross populated with key data stakeholders. My recommendation would be to organize an exploratory committee to analyze other industry standardization models, their journey through the process and lessons learned.

Data aggregators must bring a real value proposition to promote users sharing their data beyond the general mashup of datasets. The data aggregator must bring the ability to deliver the ‘so what’ turning Data -> Information -> Knowledge. Additionally, the data aggregator must have a strong, transparent data security and privacy policy that end users can trust.”

Kari Spaan, CEO, IYOTAH SOLUTIONS, USA: “Technology is advancing at a record pace throughout the livestock industry. However, even with all these amazing advancements, the challenge still remains. Businesses across the value chain are facing massive amounts of disconnected, restricted and unused data. This inefficient use and flow of data is inhibiting the adoption and optimal use of technology and is creating a roadblock for effective decision making, collaboration and the ability to meet the ongoing demands of consumers. These dynamics have created a tipping point and a demand for solutions that can take care of the “messy middle”. Technology that not only provides a means for effective data automation, collection, aggregation and exchange, but that facilitates the critical thinking necessary to unlock new opportunities, best practices and drive transformation.”

Andrew McKenzie, CEO, PRECISION LIVESTOCK TECHNOLOGIES, USA: “Producers know what decisions to make when they have the right data. AI and IoT, including the machine vision technology we are pioneering at Precision Livestock Technologies, will allow the industry to meet the global demand for protein more efficiently, more sustainably and without being constrained by scarce skilled labor.”