About the Summit

Building Safe and Sustainable Meat and Dairy Production

The 5th Animal AgTech Innovation Summit brought together 250+ influential leaders from across the global animal protein sector.

Connecting innovators in animal health, nutrition, genetics, and welfare, the summit fostered greater collaboration and drove the development of sustainable and resilient food production practices.

Two days of high-level networking opportunities, critical conversations and collaboration addressed the most pressing challenges faced by the industry, including animal health epidemics, escalating energy costs, inflationary pressure on producers and consumers, and the urgent need to minimise the impact of food production on the global climate and local environments.

2023 Key Themes: 

  • Accelerating Climate Progress: Giving farmers the funds & tools to reduce climate impact
  • Reducing Enteric Emissions: Reaching scale with additives & equipment
  • Enhancing Animal Welfare: Meeting consumer expectations for ethical & sustainable farming
  • Optimising Nutrition: Balancing feed costs & nutritional standards
  • Protecting Animal Health: Preparing the sector for epidemics & anti-microbial resistance
  • Attracting Investment: Finding Growth Opportunities in Animal AgTech
  • Putting PLF Pilots into Practice: Translating field trials onto the farm
  • Unlocking Genetic Potential: Enabling resilience & productivity in animal selection
  • Scaling AI & Robotics: Harnessing data & hardware to improve on-farm efficiency
  • Strengthening the Gut: Targeting solutions for nutrition, health & methane reduction

Who Will You Meet?

All of these companies and more joined the summit on October 10-11, 2023 

2023 Advisory Board

Rethink Events

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summits in Amsterdam and San Francisco are part of Rethink Events’ global portfolio of agri-food technology innovation summits, which includes:

Rethink summits are created by experts in the water, waste and agri-food tech industries to address the issues most crucial to investors and developers in these sectors. Through our global network of industry advisors, we produce highly-focused, topical summits which gather all the right people together in one room to share ideas, find solutions and identify new business opportunities.

We are committed to providing the world-leading platforms for knowledge-sharing, debate and networking for business leaders, featuring the leading experts and gamechangers from across the global ecosystem. Our goal is to promote diversity and inclusion, with particular effort to phase out all-male speaker panels to ensure balanced representation and promotion of women in technology and business.

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