CH4 Global is harnessing the power of Asparagopsis seaweed to combat climate change. This year, it introduced Methane Tamer™, its revolutionary methane-reducing feed supplement formulation targeted for beef feedlot cattle.

Ahead of the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, our Conference Producer, Liam Jensen spoke to CEO, Steve Meller about its success over the last six months, the challenges of government agencies and companies struggling to meet GHG reduction commitments and connecting the supply chain to reduce the methane footprint of animal agriculture.

“Methane from ruminants is the largest source of anthropogenic methane globally. We’re finding ways to be able to manage that and effectively reduce it, while producing other benefits to farmers and communities, and economic and environmental benefits countrywide.

“These aren’t science experiments anymore. We need to turn them into reality in the next 6-7 years, if we have a chance of meeting the Paris commitment goals in 2030.” 

Join the CH4 Global team at the summit and hear more from Steve on the panel ‘Reaching Gigaton Scale: Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions’ at 11am CEST on Wednesday October 11.

For more information on CH4 Global, visit their website.