The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit welcomed 250+ livestock producers, animal health and nutrition providers, feed companies, investors, retailers and innovators to Amsterdam,  to exchange ideas, share experiences and create brand new partnerships.

What an incredible two days of busy networking and insightful discussions – enjoy our short summary of the summit action complete with video highlights, photo gallery and important key takeaways.

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Highlights from the Main Stage

Healthier and Resilient Animal Production Systems

“The areas in which innovation is needed include:

Disease Prevention: Not only through effective vaccines and tools but also through other means and innovative practices that can ensure higher biosecurity.

Targeted Investments: To boost R&D in the areas of disease prevention and control.

Professional Training: Quality training for professionals involved in meat and dairy production, from the farmers to industry representatives.

Current Production Models: Ensure resilience in the face of global challenges.

Tackling all these issues requires a cross-sectoral cooperation and the sharing of expertise.”

Dr François Caya, Chief of Staff, WOAH, FRANCE

One Health Approaches

“Across a continuum of care, there is a need for ongoing partnership and research. The last few years have shown there is a disproportionate impact if you can better detect and prevent diseases vs treatment. If you look at antibiotic usage, there has been a significant change in the way that they are used. So that’s a proof point, if we can move to more preventative therapies and vaccines – that has a greater good and impact on the One Health approach.”

Stephanie Armstrong, SVP & Cluster Lead Northern Europe, ZOETIS, UK


Enteric Methane Emissions

“The decision is in the hand of the farmer. The more innovations out there, the more choices there are. In terms of challenging or checking if an innovation works, there’s enough data and insights in how we calculate the emissions.”

Sanne Griffoen-Roose, Director Sustainable Farming, FRIESLANDCAMPINA, NETHERLANDS

Funding an Ecosystem of Innovation

“The commentary around lower returns may not jibe with the later stage businesses. But we have seen some very successful exits and big successes for both families and private equity firms at the later stage. The trajectory and the time it takes from an early stage business to what a founder has built is $25 – 50 million.

How do you do capital formulation in these businesses and achieve milestones? You can be highly successful in investing in animal agtech and recent investments have proven this.” 

Spencer Swayze, Managing Director, PAINE SCHWARTZ PARTNERS, USA


What Our Delegates Say

“It was my first time attending this summit and it was a good way to connect with the industry. My main takeaway is that there are beautiful things coming to improve the global regulatory framework to adapt to all the new technologies and new ways of supporting animal health and welfare.” 

“It was a good group of people, including suppliers, customers, and new start-ups. It’s been fantastic to network and listen to the sessions which were very thought-provoking and to find out what the challenges are and how we can solve these problems.” 
Head of Technology, AVARA FOODS

“It was my first time at the summit and it was surprising to see the intensity of the information and the professionalism of the networking. It was an amazing learning experience.” 

“A really enjoyable two days that spanned the entire supply chain across species. The focus was on innovation – how to implement it throughout the supply chain and how that can look different depending on where you are and by species.”
Head of Sustainability & Human Rights, HILTON FOODS

“It’s a really high-level conference, but also very practical for looking at solutions. If you look back a year ago, there are already so many new innovations that were formed from discussions last year that have been implemented. It’s nice to see how those companies have evolved.” 
Freelance Editor, Animal Nutrition & AgTech

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