The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit welcomed 300 livestock producers, animal health providers, nutrition companies, technology developers, retailers and investors to share experiences, exchange ideas and create new partnerships to accelerate animal health, sustainability and welfare.

Celebrating a return to our in-person event in Amsterdam and with a live audience of 300 delegates, the summit was also streamed online.

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Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us in Amsterdam and online:

Highlights from the Summit Stage

Preventative Healthcare: Combining Medical Innovation and Precision Technology to Reduce Reliance on Anti-Microbials

“I was on a farm recently, and we diagnosed e-coli amongst the herd early and they were taken away and treated with antibiotics. With early treatment, we used less antibiotics and were able to remove them from the herd, and reduce their impact and overall anti-microbial use.”
Rob Kelly, SVP & Commercial Leader for EURAM Region, MSD ANIMAL HEALTH, IRELAND

Digital Innovation: Maximising the Outcomes of Precision Farming

“There is consistent data collection on farms, but now it’s time to think about how we digest that data in a way that we can put it back into the supply chain to benefit farmers.”
Heiner Lehr, Senior Manager Precision Livestock Farming, AGCO, SPAIN

Supporting the Supply Chain Under Unprecedented Pressure

“We were really forced to innovate with all the partners in our supply chain and we saw incredible collaboration. There was a shared fate, if we wanted to get products to market and keep customers happy, we had to work collaboratively.”
Anne MalleauExecutive Leader Meat & PoultryWHOLE FOODS& Executive DirectorGLOBAL ANIMAL PARTNERSHIP, USA


“How do we incentivise farmers? Looking at funding from the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and the data that’s being allocated – education is needed as well as collaboration to stimulate the uptake of technologies across production and the value chain. It will cost a lot for farmers to transition and we need incentives to encourage farmers on that journey and feel comfortable sharing data.”
Jamie Brannan, President International Operations, ZOETIS, UK

Leveraging Capital and Expertise to Create the Right Conditions for Innovation

“When you see a nice picture of a puppy or a kitten everybody says ‘oh my dog, oh my cat.’ When we eat chicken we don’t care what the chicken looks like. We spend more on pets than farm animals and that’s a contradiction because it should be the opposite. This is the way it is because we love our pets but pay less attention about the chicken or the lamb we eat on our plates.”
Gentiane Gorlier, General Partner, THE YIELD LAB, FRANCE

What Our Delegates Say

“I enjoyed many insightful conversations with old friends and new faces, and my notebook is now packed with new ideas and opportunities to follow up on!”
Co-Founder & Commercial Director, MICRON AGRITECH

“The event was a great way to have discussions with all the relevant stakeholders in the animal agtech value chain.”
Innovation Manager, ORFFA

“The summit was extraordinary. The event was perfectly produced. The attendees, panellists and moderators were leading global professionals with a passion to collaborate for the transformation of our industry. An incredible two days of ideas and vision.

See You Next Time!

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