Animal AgTech Summit Highlights

320 senior animal agtech leaders from 31 countries joined us for two days of live interactive sessions, small-group networking discussions and 1-1 business meetings.

Check out our summit highlights below!

We hope you can join us next time when we reunite in San Francisco for the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on March 21, 2022.

Precision Livestock Farming

“We see precision livestock farming as critical in supporting the swine industry to meet increasing production lines, whilst achieving new welfare and sustainability challenges. We’re also focused on bringing together data in the animal health space to really look at how we can add value to that data, and how we work with our customers to bring the insights they need to be more productive.”
Justin Gale, Global Business Manager Swine, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, GERMANY

Scaling Alternative AquaFeeds

“We had to replace marine ingredients due to limited resources regarding the growth of the aquaculture industry. A focus for us is to replace fishmeal and fish oil, but the Omega-3 priorities are missing and from a nutrient standpoint we need to have an alternative for that. Algae oils are very close at scale and are a very promising ingredient. Tropical algae could be interesting and potentially reduce GHG emissions.”
Cecile Lassalle, Formulation & Cost Pricing Director, CARGILL, SWITZERLAND

On-Farm Data

Yasir Khokhar - Connecterra

“Data often tends to be backward-looking, whereas what we’re trying to do with these recommendations is going to impact farmers in the future. The backward-looking data is fine for us to do analysis but, to make this transition, you’re going to have to look at predictive data – some of which doesn’t even exist.”


Conscious Consumers

“Our mission is about serving our customers, communities, and planet a little better every day. To bring that to life, we’re talking to customers on a daily basis about climate change, nature, deforestation, sustainable agriculture and marine preservation. We spend a lot of time working with consumers and panels on sustainable and unhealthy diets. There is a considerable conversation around food packaging, waste, community and human rights around our supply chain.”
John Kirkpatrick, Agricultural Manager, Poultry & Eggs, TESCO, UK

Genetic Progress in Livestock

“We’ve partnered with Synomics to have an exclusive license in the bovine space to utilise the Synomics discovery platform to power our Vytelle insight technology. This allows us to use that genetic analytical engine to deliver commercial solutions to the bovine markets worldwide. We aim to develop novel diagnostic assays, breeding selection panels and calculate novel breeding values and selection indexes.”
Kerryann Kocher, CEO, VYTELLE, USA

Sustainability, Welfare & Profitability

“When it comes to data, I find it really difficult when people keep saying it’s hard. There is a plethora of data out there, but it’s what we do with it, and we must remember the decisions which have been made have got be done in connection with a deliverable at farm-level so the farmer can actually understand it. It’s the ‘so what’ factor? You get all this data done and you get the analysis, but the analysis needs to be put into a deliverable so the farmer can understand it and take ownership.”
Nick Davies, Group Agricultural Director, 2SISTERS, UK


Animal Health & Nutrition

“We look at four different areas when we look at the development of additives. The first one is science – we know things now about antibiotics being growth promoters. The second one is legislation – with a better understanding of science, governments have provided regulatory constraints on the producers, and this has helped to shift the industry. The third one is the societal aspect and what consumers are asking for. The fourth one is the financial returns so when we put an additive on the market, it has favorable returns for ADM, but it has to have favorable returns for our customers.”
Pierre-Joseph Paoli, President Additives, Ingredients & Amino-Acids, ADM ANIMAL NUTRITION, FRANCE

Fast-Track Adoption of New Technologies

“There is a lot of technological innovation happening, but what we lack in the protein sector is systemic innovation. For example, if we look at the aquaculture sector it has a better sustainability story to tell than most of the protein sectors. We have been talking to major salmon producers about issues of feed and the need for diversification of novel feed ingredients. It’s not a new issue, but the solutions are not new such as insect meal and algae. But what we’re hearing from producers is that you’ll find a complete lack of strategic vision, cohesion of the industry, and what the risks and limits are.”
Aarti Ramachandran, Director of Research & Engagements, FAIRR INITIATIVE, UK

What Our Delegates Said About the Summit

“The summit was a ‘who’s who’ in livestock technology and a lot of interesting views were expressed.”
FAROMATICS (acquired by AGCO)​​​​

“This is the go-to event for thought leadership, information and networking in the animal agtech space.”
European Growth Officer, 

“Animal AgTech is essential to any business wishing to challenge themselves in the way you think strategically.”
Group Agricultural Director, 2SISTERS

Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us at the virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit this year:

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